My career really started to take off about 3 years ago when Ronen came to Mynk Hair, before then I floated by doing what I did, but now I strive for new training nights to learn more techniques. Currently working hard to go and teach overseas, working with under privileged children.

I have been hairdressing for now 8 years, my first 2 years was at another salon where unfortunately I wasn’t happy, I made the decision to leave there and apply for a position at Mynk Hair where Dianne was the sole owner at the time. Dianne has taught me a lot of new cutting skills especially how to use a razor, she has also helped me brush up on my existing cutting and colouring skills.

Since Ronen and Dianne have become business partners the salon has grown in to such an amazing workplace, we have been lucky enough to meet a lot of well known people in our beloved industry including Brad Ngata, Natalie Anne, Lance Liofu and lots more.

I love being a hairdresser because there is always something new to learn and you can be so creative with endless possibilities, also the satisfaction of a client hugging you and saying they never had a better hairdresser really hits home and gives you reassurance that it proves that I love what I do, and it showcases in my work. I would love to take my career in the direction of eventually owning a salon or working for myself, I would love to continue going to trainings and seminars and shows.

My life outside of hairdressing is quite and simple, I have 3 American staffys that are my world (Luna, Biggie, Thor) I have a sister and a niece and nephew. Both my parents live down south of NSW, I don’t have any hobbies as such although I do enjoy seeing new places and getting outdoors bushwalking.




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