I started my career in hairdressing when I was 14, working at my local salon in the shopping centre where my parents had a business as well. The passion for hair started early for me, with the love of being around so many people and the aspect of creativity that comes with the hairdressing industry. Working as many hours as I could whilst still being at school in salon all I wanted was to bring the smiles to clients faces. But I new early on that to achieve and go places with this career choice I needed to be guided and work for someone that was going to give me the opportunities to do so.

So, at the end of year 10 I made the decision that this was my passion and I wanted to go full steam ahead and chase it. I applied for a 1st year apprenticeship at Toni & Guy Hairdressing. Being an international brand and with intensive training I really wanted to take as much opportunity that I could get. They must have seen something in me because just after 6 months of being with the company I was approached and asked if I wanted to be a colourist. I was honoured and of course I accepted, it wasn’t going to be easy I had to go through what’s called the Vardering system. Which is a program everyone goes through that wants to work for Toni & Guy, even if you are a qualified hairdresser you must go through this process to be part of the Toni & Guy team.

The Vardering takes 6 weeks of 3 days a week in their academy and then 4 days in salon, during this time you are trained in all the techniques and skills to be a Toni & Guy Colourist. At the end of the 6 weeks to qualify I had to put on a hair show with 8 models, full catwalk and then afterwards each model is sat down, and hair is analysed.

Once achieving this I was a qualified senior colourist for Toni & Guy, working then for another 8 years I achieved amazing things which consisted of moving my way up to Head Colourist and then also looking after shows and education for the company.

Moving on in 2004 a great mentor and friend who I worked with, we both decided we wanted our own space to work with our creativity. So, working together we created our own salon called Mantelpiece for hair in Crows Nest on the NorthShore of Sydney. We worked with a strong customer service focus to our salon creating a boutique space. The salon grew with the passion and integrity we had for hair.

During this time, we were still very affiliated in the hairdressing industry producing shows and seminars in our spare time as well as working closely with different business and forums. Running a successful business for 5 years was rewarding and exciting.

Towards the end of  the 5 years my business partner had an amazing opportunity to move to London with his wife and I was headhunted by a global Haircare company to be one of their key educators and travel Australia teaching and inspiring hairdressers.

So, we sold the salon and we both went on to pursue the next adventure in our careers.

I spent the next 8 years working for this Haircare company traveling and inspiring hairdressers to the world of colouring hair.

I made the decision that I needed to find another direction in my career as well as my life, a friendship had been blossoming with myself and Dianne for several years and after lots of late night dinners we all came to the agreement of a business partnership. So, in 2015 I joined the Mynk Hair business as a partner and the Technical Creative Director. My intentions were to bring amazing hair to the south west of Sydney and share with the team my knowledge and connection in the industry.

My passion and creativity are a pull in a great direction for Mynk Hair opening the team up to the opportunities of this amazing world of hairdressing. I’m always looking at exciting things we can all do, towards the end of 2015 we put on a show as a team in the food court of the shopping centre with nearly 40 models. I couldn’t just stop their so in 2016 we did a live photo shoot out the front of the salon, the photoshoot idea came after a staff meeting with the team about experiencing the different avenues of hairdressing. So, I thought photoshoots are always done privately in studios why don’t we make it a live event right out the front of the salon, so the public can view what we are doing and get to see live the amazing talents of our team.

My team don’t always hear from me how much each of them mean to me and what they each bring to the life of Mynk Hair,

Dianne is such a creative wacky soul her integrity and passion inspires me to always look for more to keep her passion alive,

Krystal kind heart and loyalty always shows me what I see when I’m talking about the world of colour the harmony of tones is how Krystal makes me feel.

Christine push my buttons so much with her want to learn and her burning desire to travel the world of hairdressing, it keeps me pushing to find new and fun things we can do as a team to learn.

Our newest member to the team Brayden has changed my outlook on hairdressing showcasing his way of seeing things in hair, which makes me want to learn new things from my team which is humbling.

The future of my career is now about my team and their success, watch this space Mynk Hair is always developing and trying new things.





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