Meet Brayden
Senior Stylist

I started my career at 17 in a salon in Surry Hills, I wanted to find somewhere in the city to excite me and show me the creative ways of hairdressing.

I worked for two years of my apprenticeship in this salon but was finding it draining with all the travel from the south west of Sydney to the city every day. So, applied for a job closer to home to finish my apprenticeship. Half way through my third year of my apprenticeship I was already on the salon floor looking after clients, I was loving what I was doing but feeling still lost with my direction in hairdressing all I wanted was to learn and be the best I can be at my craft and I wasn’t getting that where I was working.

In October 2017 needing to find my creativity and hairdressing passion I took on my new role as a senior stylist at Mynk Hair. This has been the best move of my career, with the integrity for hair and the passion for continuously learning being part of the Mynk Hair team has expanded my horizons and opened me up to so many opportunities. With guidance from my mentors Dianne and Ronen and the support we all give each other as a team pushes me to want to develop and succeed in my career.

The why I love being a hairdresser is simple answer for me, it’s the best job in the world everyday is different and exciting and who can say you have fun at work everyday only me cause it is so much fun.

My career development is always for me to one day have my own salon, with my own team and put in the time and passion to help develop them like I have so graciously been helped by my mentors Dianne and Ronen.

My free time is exactly that time for me, I love relaxing at home with great movies and snuggled up on the couch, family means a lot and always enjoy time with them and my friends.

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