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Creative Styling Director & Owner

I was first influenced in hairdressing which came from my grandmother, she was way ahead of her time, so expressive with her own hair which was coloured purple. My integrity and excitement for this craft came from my grandmother and I always admired her and looked up to her.

I started enjoying the world of Hairdressing at the age of 14 whilst I was still at school I took on a part time job at local salon near my home in Milperra. So, when I was coming to the end of year 10 at school, I wanted to pursue my passion of hairdressing and in the salon I was working part time at.  But unfortunately, they couldn’t give me the role as they weren’t ready for a full-time apprentice.

So, I started searching for where I wanted to start my career and at that time being the year 1986 everyone was looking for a hairdressing apprenticeship. I went for an interview at a salon called Short & Curly. Out of 55 other applicants I was given the opportunity which was a proud moment for me to be picked out of so many other people.

I spent the next 7 years learning and developing my craft at Short & Curly, I was a passionate and quick learner and by the end of the first year of my apprenticeship I was already building my clientele.

A lovely moment I like to remember, was being called to the staff room at my Tafe Hairdressing College, thinking I was getting in trouble which I’m used to doing and being told by my teacher that one of the other hairdressing teachers wanted me to cut her hair because she had heard I was an amazing cutter, I felt very honoured by that.

After my 7 years with Short & curly I wanted to expand my career and see what other opportunities were available with other salons, so I accepted a role at another salon as their manager, which I stayed at for another 7 years.

During all this experience in the world of hairdressing I have always had a great support network of family but especially my awesome husband that I had been dating since when I started hairdressing at 14 years of age.

In 1998 it was time to move my career and family forward, my husband and I decided that it was time to have our own salon and start building our dreams. So, we bought an existing salon which ironically was the salon Short & Curly where I started my apprenticeship.

Having our own business was exciting and rewarding and we were succeeding at this, so we decided on a second salon, which we created in Cronulla.

After a few years we had two strong salons and we had moved our family out to Bringelly, it was getting tough having to commute the distance from home to the salons, so we made the decision to sell both salons and set up a salon closer to our home for better work life balance.

We started Mynk hair in Narellan Town centre in 2008. Developing a business from the start again was rewarding and exciting. The most amazing part was that clients that I looked after in my other two salons only wanted me and would travel to my new space in Narellan to have me look after their hair. And to this day I have clients that I have looked after for over 30 years – incredible and very humbling.

2 1/2 years ago with the renovations and expansion of Narellan Town Centre we were able to relocate to the beautiful space that we are in now and it has been a great move for the growth of our business too.

My passion still lies with cutting and especially short hairstyles. I absolutely love texture in hairstyles and work with my feather styling razor, which is how I got my hashtag # Razor Queen.

In May 2017 I got an amazing opportunity to travel to the Philippines to teach hairdressing for two weeks to underprivileged children. This was amazing to give back and hopefully help skill others to be able to achieve and get work in their villages.

My personal life is all about my family, my husband, our two sons, who are gifted sportsmen and I love watching them play and achieve. One of them has achieved the level or representing Australia in a world championship for softball. My special time is in my kitchen cooking and creating, it’s my happy place, where I love making food for my family.

Anyone who really knows me well, knows that I’m an absolute animal lover and have quite a few  pets. My horse who is in her 30’s, 3 cats, 2 chickens and a tropical fish tank. I also have a beautiful and energetic young boxer dog and spend plenty of time going on long walks and adventures together around the property we live on.

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